Why Do You Have a Low Sex Drive and How Can You Boost It?

Libido is a person's desire for sexual activity. It is a psychic urge linked to the sexual instinct. Many external and internal factors can affect the level of libido. First, we need to understand that the level of libido, or sex drive, varies from person to person. Secondly, under the influence of many things, it varies throughout the day. A person may have a sex drive or desire to engage in sexual activity, but the situation, moral or religious boundaries, or time do not make the situation favorable for fulfilling his or her desire. Sometimes a person under the influence of any medication can feel a change in the level of libido throughout the day. Sometimes people get so busy at work and forget about all such things. Throughout the day, a person encounters a lot of things, and his feelings and desires are changing accordingly.

Why are you interested in sex?

Humans have some basic needs. Some of these are food, sleep, shelter, intimacy, and sex. You have an instinct for sex that is linked to sex drive or libido. Libido is the fundamental energy or desire that drives you to have sex with your partner. That is why a person can be interested in sexual activity. Also, not all people are equal in their sexual desire. Some are very eager to have sex. Few people have these kinds of thoughts in their heads all the time. Some have moderate or normal levels of sex drive or libido. They fulfill their sexual desires within the bounds of social, moral, and religious boundaries. In short, libido is the sole cause of a person's interest in sex. Sexual activity depends on the increase and decrease in the level of libido.

Reasons for low libido

Many biological and psychological reasons can be at the root of your low libido. Some reasons may also be related to hormonal changes. In addition, circumstances become the cause of lowering the level of your sex drive or libido. We're going to discuss a few common reasons or causes of your low libido.

1. Psychological questions

Our mind is like your body. He controls every moment of life. Similarly, it affects our behavior and routine activities, including sex. If we are mentally disturbed then there is a chance of less sex drive. The feelings of stress and anxiety also affect your sexual activity. When a person is under the stage of depression or unhappiness, that depression or emotional pain can decrease the level of libido

2. Dissatisfaction with the relationship

Are you happy and satisfied with your relationship? The answer to this essential question may explain the cause of your low libido levels. When you are unhappy with your partner, worry or doubt can take the place of love and peace. In this situation, a person may lose desire for sex due to this unhealthy relationship or emotional dissatisfaction

3. Bad lifestyle

Another key factor in the case of low libido is a bad lifestyle. Your eating and lifestyle habits can become the cause of increases and decreases in libido. If you don't eat a healthy diet or consume a large amount of alcohol, then it also has a bad effect on your health and sex drive.

4.Sexual state

Women lose the desire to have sex for a while during pregnancy or after childbirth. Sometimes painful sex can also be the source of low libido. Changing sexual conditions plays a significant role in reducing sexual desire.

5. Influence of medication

    In addition, a person under the influence of medication can lose their libido. The medications like antidepressants, pills for high blood pressure can reduce your feeling of sex. A person who is under the care of a psychiatrist and is taking antipsychotic drugs also has little interest in sexual activity. You need to read the package insert of some common medications to make sure that low libido is not mentioned in their side effects.

    6. Menopause phenomenon

    Menopause, or aging, is a common cause of decreased sex drive in women. It happens due to hormonal imbalances. The sex hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are released in a very small amount, which reduces the desire for sex. During and after the menopause, women lose interest in all kinds of sexual activity. The hormonal changes lower her libido.

    Ways to increase your libido

    Low libido is not a problem, the problem is staying silent or not seeking medical advice or treatment to get your libido back up. As discussed above, there can be various physical or psychological issues that cause low libido. You can increase your sex drive or libido with proper medical treatment. There's no need to worry about it.

    Everyone knows that the sex drive is one of the basic human drives. When a person is not sexually happy or satisfied in a relationship, then there are many chances for psychological problems. It is important to satisfy the needs of the body and mind and to gain some pleasure to relax the mind. Therefore, sexual activity is a part of a person's life. Some effective ways to increase your libido are as follows:

    1. Eat a nutritious diet and start exercising

    A person's eating habits have a major impact on their libido. A person needs to eat highly nutritious foods that improve heart and brain health and promote good blood circulation in the body. You should also include vegetables and low-sugar foods in your diet and cut down on any unhealthy junk foods or heavy alcohol consumption. If you want to stay healthy in your life and have a good libido level, you should start exercising regularly and eating healthy.

    2. Use some sex toys and lube for arousal

    Also, you can take the help of sex toys to get sexually aroused. Sex toys are a fantastic means of sexual arousal. There are currently a variety of sex toys on the market to help you increase your libido and have fun. In addition, there are also sex dolls with which you can live out your love fantasies. You can order a doll according to your desired figure. Seeing her figure and touching her soft body features will increase your libido level. These sex dolls are the best source for increasing your sexual energy, libido.

    3.Pay more attention to the intimacy between you

    Another focus is your intimate relationships. Try to increase the intimacy and love in your relationship and make your partner happy. When your partner pays attention to you, your libido level will increase. So increase the level of love between you and your partner.

    4. Good management of stress and anxiety

    Fear and stress are happiness killers. You must properly manage your fears and stress to enjoy increased levels of sexual desire. Problems are the art of living, so there's no reason to take them seriously or lose your libido and emotional happiness.

    5. Ensure high sleep quality

    A hectic lifestyle can decrease the time you sleep. The busy people hardly manage to sleep properly due to their busy schedules. This lack of good quality sleep can also reduce sex drive or libido. You need to take the right amount of time to complete your sleep cycle properly in order to have a better sexual or emotional life. You should eat or sleep right to stay healthy and fit.

    6. Visit sex therapy and try some herbal remedies

    It has also been proven by many researchers that herbal remedies increase libido and improve sexual function in both women and men. A 2015 study proves that the herbs ginko, maca, tribulus and ginseng improve sexual activity in humans.

    Another important thing is to take part in sex therapy to increase your libido. Sex therapy is not only relaxing, it also has a major impact on your sexual desire.

    7. Eat some special foods that can increase sexual desire

    Some foods play an essential role in increasing your sex drive. The fruits like banana, avocado, figs can increase your libido. Similarly, using eggs and meat can improve your body protein levels and give strength to your genitals to engage in sexual activity.

    8. Focus on your characteristics and be confident

    Confidence and focusing on your characteristics is the key factor in increasing your libido. Always compliment yourself and your body image. Try to spend life with high self-esteem and positive energy.

    Final words

    People differ from each other based on libido and sexual desire level. If you want to increase your libido or sex drive then you can use the above mentioned ways to make your life happy. It is important to have a normal level of sex drive in order to have a happy emotional life. A human being must have his or her basic needs met within moral and social limits in order to enjoy peace of mind.

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