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Britney :29.76LB Huge Tit Best Male Masturbator - wheat 46 Bewertungen
Thanks to our customers for providing us with many valuable advice on the product, we created Britney together which has soft 32B cup breasts and sexy hips, weighing only 29.76 pounds. This lets our customers perfectly experience the true feeling...
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Candice :43LB Life Sized Beach Girl Sex Doll - Fair 13 Bewertungen
Candice, who is a 1: 1 scale reproduction of perfect female figure. So it is easy for you to dress her up in your desired way. Moreover, she has two big tits with nicely-made nipples which means you can definitely...
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Jennifer :62.08LB BBW Realistic Sexy Sex Doll 1 Bewertung
Jennifer is our second largest sex doll.She is a collection of qualities.Her sexy breasts, for example, are specially crafted to feel soft and real and will give you the ultimate breast pleasure.In addition, her big butt will allow you to...
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Aurora :53LB Doggystyle Fit Sex Doll - Fair
15 Bewertungen
Aurora :53LB Doggystyle Fit Sex Doll - Fair 15 Bewertungen
Our first life-size doll, Aurora has a perfect female figure and remarkable body curves. Combined with the high quality metal skeleton design, you can put her in any position you wish. After you dress her in the clothes you like,...
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Scarlett :15.43LB Cute Youthful Sex Doll 14 Bewertungen
Scarlett is a young woman who has a juicy and cute butt. While Scarlett can’t be called a flat-chested woman. She is proud of having two bouncy boobs. So you will quickly enjoy her provocatively tensed nipples and perky boobs....
Dita :9.26LB Mini Portable Sex Doll(Brand: Do Real Be Real) 10 Bewertungen
Brand: Do Real Be Real Dita is the smallest doll which is really mini and cute, just like a toy. Despite her small size, she still has all the functions of a sex doll torso. For example, you can easily...
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