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Some customers may encounter payment failure during the payment process. Credit card payments fail for the following reasons: insufficient funds, purchase not authorized by the card owner, incorrect account/billing details, or expired credit card. If none of these issues apply, it is because the credit card payment audit of adult products such as sex dolls is very strict and cautious, therefore, many of our customers may be unable to pay successfully if they pay by credit card directly on the payment page.

If you are unable to pay by credit card, we recommend another credit card payment method, using [Paypal Express]or [Klarna] Checkout and then selecting the payment by credit card in the paypal pop-up window.

Paypal payment:

Klarna payment tutorial:

1.Fill in order information

2.Select continue complete order:

3.Pay by Credit Card:

4.You can then choose from three Klarna payment options:

A.Pay now:

B.Pay later:

C.Slice it:

If you have completed the above instructions but still cannot pay with your credit card successfully , please consult your card issuer or contact Customer Service Representatives(service@tantaly.de) with your order number, name, and email address and we will email you to assisting your payment.



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