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Rico: 11,8kg Männliche Torso Puppe Liebes Spielzeug für Päärchen und Dreier

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€219,99 €198,99
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Product Description

Do anything you want with your torso sex toy!

Who said that only men have their right to enjoy sex with love dolls? Women also want to bring every their fantasy to life. Unfortunately, not everyone has a suitable partner for doing it. And if activities with vibrator, dildo, or another one mini-masturbator are not enough for you anymore, then maybe you should try something bigger? For instance, to buy a half-body sex doll for female masturbation. On our website, you will find many realistic sex toys for sale. They are intended for adult male and female clients, and Rico is one of them.

This doll, with its broad shoulders with a tattoo, an abs cubes on a flat stomach, and a luxurious penis, is suitable for any masturbation. If you are a woman who currently doesn’t have a partner or who is in a relationship but wants to experiment, Rico will satisfy you. You may put your pussy or ass on his long fat cock and enjoy sex in a cowgirl position, as well as do a perfect blowjob for your teen-lover. You can even try some BDSM practice on this doll. You may be sure: he wouldn’t mind!

Whether you are a gay man or a straight man wanting to try something new, a 16 cm Rico’ dick will help you with this challenge. And if you are a couple who always wanted to try a threesome, but is not yet ready to do it in real life, this half-body sex doll will also come to your aid.

Rico has a 6.3-inch penis with a textured surface. Convex wreaths, a sizeable bulging head, and smooth testicles – all these you will find in this doll. Elastic and soft at the same time, it reminds the real male phallus to the touch. This model also has an anus, but pay attention that this is just a decorative hole, without an anal channel.

Durable, flexible and soft material

This doll would not look so naturalistic if it was made with some other stuff. For its production, TPE was used. It is medical grade materials analog of silicone that has good resistance to tearing and abrasion. You can slap or bend it, but it will still return to its original shape.

Key Features

· It is suitable for both female and male masturbation, and a threesome simulation.
· Carefully crafted body lines.
· A long and thick penis with wreaths and a head.
· Smooth testicles.
· Details that add realism: a flat stomach, nipples.
· Elastic material which is similar to human skin.

Body Measurements

· Total length: 27.17”
· Total height: 12.2”
· Shoulder width: 18.9”
· Hip width: 15.75”
· Stem length: 6.3”Weight: 27.6 lbs
Customer Reviews
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Mangin M.

Good quality, hard to clean so it's not a daily toy but my wife and me love it !

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
Es ist, als wäre es real.

Ich kann sie beugen oder schlagen, aber sie kehrt immer wieder zu ihrer ursprünglichen Form zurück.Es ist eine perfekte Wahl für Frauen und Männer, um zu masturbieren und drei Menschen zu simulieren.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
This is amazing

Feels the same as the real thing.

CC g.
United States United States
Absolute wonderful addition to any toy collection. I love him!

Wow. This is amazing. I love the feeling of being on top and riding and this definitely helps me with that. Feels the same as the real thing. The ***** is adjustable, almost too adjustable, as it's a little difficult to get in at times. And it's so soft, I can't stop touching it. Little heavy but helps keep it in place. I was hesitant to buy it due to the price tag but this was totally worth every penny, I hope I can give a five stars next time.(I really love his collarbone and chest muscles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tantaly-de Männliche Torso Puppe Liebes Spielzeug für Päärchen und Dreier (Rico: 11,8kg ) Reviewtantaly-de Männliche Torso Puppe Liebes Spielzeug für Päärchen und Dreier (Rico: 11,8kg ) Review

AMAZING!!! :)))) Wow what a fantestickle product.. Shipping was fast and reliable. ... No smell to complain about and was exactly what the picture showed..Now the good stuff.. Once cleaned,I lubed Big Rex ( his new name ) manhood very wet and sloppy and then I mounted Big Rex gently and slowly worked his manly meat package up to where I needed to take a breath.. Quite the fill! The shaft is an impressive 8" long and quite thick, much bigger than I'm used to with my husband ... But stretched out fine and rode it for 1/2hr.. I got used to it fast . It is a joy to ride and glad I bought it .. Thank you once again ! - Happy Housewife

tantaly-de Männliche Torso Puppe Liebes Spielzeug für Päärchen und Dreier (Rico: 11,8kg ) Review
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