Aurora 2.0: 25Kg Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body 22 Bewertungen
€719,99 from €647,99
Aurora 2.0: 25Kg Anime Sex Doll with Slim Body
Aurora, Tantaly's first life-size sex doll, was loved for her realistic female figure and extraordinary body curves. Always adhering to the "Do Real be Real" design concept, Tantaly has updated Aurora to make it more realistic, tactile, and inviting to...
€719,99 from €647,99
Britney :13.5kg Huge Tits Best Male Masturbator
Thanks to our customers who gave us a lot of valuable advice about the product, together we created Britney who has size 32B soft breasts, sexy hips and weighs only 29.76 pounds. This perfectly lets our customers experience the true...
Candice :19.5kg Life Size Beach Girl Sex Doll
Candice, which is 1:1 scale modeled on a perfect female figure. So it's easy for you to dress them up in your desired way. Also, she has two big tits with nicely shaped nipples, which means you can definitely enjoy...
Cecilia 9kg Realistic Sweet Sex Ass
Cecilia who is a young woman has a cute and small butt and weighs 19.84LB. Therefore, you can have doggy sex with her more easily. Her tiny body and unmatched tight tunnels are perfect for your need for real sex,...
Channing :15kg Threesome Male Torso Sex Doll
Channing is a versatile realistic doll. Thanks to his decent anal and erect penis, he's popular with gay men and couples alike. He is so gentle, caring and submissive that his whole body is full of male hormones. Realistic body...
Dita :4.2kg Small Wearable Sex Doll(Brand: Do Real Be Real) - Hell
Brand: Do Real Be Real Dita is the smallest doll which is really mini and cute just like a toy. Despite its small size, it still has all the features of a sex doll torso. For example, you can easily...
Eva :50lbs BBW Sexy Big Ass - Hell 6 Bewertungen
Eva :50lbs BBW Sexy Big Ass - Hell
Eva, a sexy mature lady of 35 years old, has big breasts and a big butt. Eva has just broken up with her boyfriend. And she's looking forward to a romantic relationship and a tall man to take some of...
Jennifer : 28.16kg BBW Realistic Sexy Sex Doll - Hell 10 Bewertungen
€709,99 €638,99
Jennifer : 28.16kg BBW Realistic Sexy Sex Doll - Hell
Jennifer is our second tallest sex doll. It has a whole range of qualities. Her sexy breasts, for example, are specially made to feel soft and real and will give you the ultimate breast pleasure. Her big butt also allows...
€709,99 €638,99
Louise:11kg Realistic firm bubble ass
Louise is happy to help you realize any of your hottest fantasies. Louise is not just another sex toy, but a complete sex treasure that will make your orgasms much more colorful. All you have to do is incorporate Louise...
Monica:18.75kg Best Sex Torso Doll For Breast Fun Product Description
*(Free storage bag) Monica just got divorced and is feeling a little lonely. That's why she needs some passionate comfort. You will be mesmerized by her big, soft and jiggly breasts when she works out at the gym. In addition,...
Monroe : 31kg Chubby Hot Sex Doll 11 Bewertungen
from €809,99
Monroe : 31kg Chubby Hot Sex Doll
Monroe is a sexy mature woman. Her full figure immediately transports you to a fantasy world. Monroe is also by far the largest sex doll on our site. So if you are looking for a really big doll, Monroe is...
from €809,99
Rosie :15.5kg Full Size Durable Big Ass
Rosie from Tantaly is an athletic female, about 5'7" with a big sexy butt. Her slim waist makes her big butt look even stronger. The pronounced pores, goosebumps and skin textures are so realistic that you can hardly believe that...
Sarina: 9.2kg Big Penis Shemale Sex Doll Torso - Hell
Sarina is a brave transgender man with a big cock and cute tits. Sexually active Sarina is obsessed with the female body while longing for the embrace of the male body. This transgender sex doll can please you with her...
Scarlett :7kg Cute teenage sex doll - Hell
Scarlett is a young woman who has a juicy and sweet ass. While Scarlett cannot be called a flat-chested woman. But she is proud to have two plump breasts. So you will soon be able to enjoy her provocatively stretched...
Tantaly 236ml Water Lubricant 7 Bewertungen
Tantaly 236ml Water Lubricant
Applying lubricant to a sex doll not only increases longevity but also reduces friction. Water-based lubes are the most commonly used lubes, and they're specially formulated to feel completely natural. So make sure you use a water-based lube, which is...
Tantaly absorber sticks 6 Bewertungen
Tantaly absorber sticks
Tantaly absorber rods have been specially developed for sex dolls. Since the inner tunnels are not flat, a lot of water is left behind when cleaning and bacteria grow faster in a humid environment. To solve this problem, simply insert...
Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit
How to avoid lube spilling all over the place? How to clean the doll more conveniently? What is a better way to dry the doll tunnels? How should I store my dolls when not in use? Don't worry, that's what...
Tantaly Renewal Powder 138g 2 Bewertungen
Tantaly Renewal Powder 138g
With repeated use, your sex doll's realistic skin may begin to lose some of its softness. This handy renewal powder is specially designed to restore and maintain your sex doll's unique, soft and lifelike texture. It also prolongs the life...
Tantaly gauze PE style underwear set 2 Bewertungen
More sizes available
Tantaly gauze PE style underwear set
In this wild fishing net, the doll becomes the seductive siren of your dreams. The lingerie is white, sheer, and stretchy to fit your standard doll's curves well. Featuring simple top straps and triangular design, it's perfect for creating an...
Tantaly Doll Repair Kit 3 Bewertungen
Tantaly Doll Repair Kit
Does the doll peel off or tear after a period of use? Did the doll accidentally get dirt on its surface that is difficult to remove? Don't worry, that's what the Tantaly Doll Repair Kit is for. The Tantaly doll...
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