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Louise :24.25LB Realistic Firm Bubble Ass

20 Bewertungen
€209,99 €178,49
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Ihre Privatsphäre ist uns sehr wichtig, und wir verstehen, dass Sie vielleicht nicht möchten, dass andere wissen, was Sie bestellt haben. Aus diesem Grund sind alle unsere Pakete hermetisch versiegelt und 100% diskret. Wir versenden Ihre Bestellung in einem schlichten Karton ohne jeglichen Hinweis auf Tantaly. Auf der Außenseite des Kartons befinden sich keine Bilder oder Texte, die auf den Inhalt der Sendung hinweisen.Mehr erfahren
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Louise is happy to help you make any of your hottest fantasies real. She is not just another sex toy but a complete sex treasure to make your orgasms way more colorful. All you need to do is corporate Louise into your sex life. She will show you the new world of pleasure which you will never forget and miss soon.

Keeping your sex doll clean and well maintained is key to preserving the longevity of your new love doll. To ensure proper hygiene and longevity of your new doll, please use the following recommendations as a guideline.

Product Cleaning

  • 1. Install the portable sex doll washer.
  • 2. Insert the tip with sprinkling holes into the tunnel.
  • 3. Squeeze the bulb to let the warm water into the tunnel.
  • 4. Shaking or squeezing out the water inside the doll.
  • 5. Gently insert the drying stick with the rounded end.
  • 6. Use a Soft Cloth to gently pat down the doll's skin.

Product Maintenance

  1. 1. Avoid using any old cleaning agent.
  2. 2. Keep away from sharp objects.
  3. 3. Dry with care.
  4. 4. Keep in a cool dark place.
  5. 5. Stay in a straight lying position.
  6. 6.Apply some renewal powder on the skin.

In order to bring different product experiences to customers, we have customized unique tunnels for each doll which have different stimulation, penetration, suction effect and cleanup. (*Because the tunnel material is elastic, it can fit into any size of dick.And we recommend you to use it with water-based lubricants to prevent tearing.)

Louise is super comfortable for double penetration. When you penetrate this beautiful baby, you forget she’s not real because of the various comb shape friction and continuous stripe texture in the tunnel.

All Tantaly items are dispatched in our plain, sturdy custom-made boxes. Our tough boxes are double-wrapped with heavy-duty packing tape, though the size will of course vary depending on your order. Besides, you can also enjoy free shipping.

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Rens W.
Netherlands Netherlands

Good product

It looks realistic and feels good.

Martin T.
Germany Germany

Surprisingly realistic feel

Touching and using it feels very realistic, with or without clothes (clothing heavily recommended). It's heavier than it looks, and while making handling it a bit more difficult in some positions, it also gives a solid and more realistic feel of mass when it comes to resistance while using it. Size and weight seem a good and discreet compromise though, if you're new and want to sample the feel. (although I'm curious about the bigger and heavier models). It's a good, fair priced toy and I can definitely recommend it. The cons should be mentioned, but for me they aren't enough that to push the product below 5 stars: It's a bit of a hassle to clean the toy after every use - and then letting it dry. Same with the maintenance of it (drying sticks, powder, anti bacterial soap...). Additionally it would have been nice to have had all the necessary products be included (not 1 drying stick but at least 2, the bag and the ****** thing from the pack, antibacterial soap and powder). So better read up properly how to treat it before use.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Ich mag sie.

Ich hatte Spaß mit großen Sexpuppen.Große Sexpuppen sind sehr präzise und exquisit.Sie realisierte meine heißeste Fantasie.Ihre Pudenda hat keinen Geruch und die Form eines *****, den ich sehr mag.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Wert für Geld

Perfekte Größe für Realismus und klein genug, um sich leicht zu verstecken

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Gutes Produkt

Die Details sind sehr gut und die Qualität ist sehr gut.

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