Tantaly Renewal Powder 138g
With repeated use, your sex doll's realistic skin may begin to lose some of its softness. This handy renewal powder is specially designed to restore and maintain your sex doll's unique, soft and lifelike texture. It also prolongs the life...
Tantaly USB heater 8 Reviews
Tantaly USB heater
Tantaly heater warms doll tunnel like a real human! The warm and enveloped tunnel will give you a more realistic experience. Enjoy a more realistic tunnel for a more realistic sexual experience. Warm experience It seems difficult to avoid the...
Tantaly absorber sticks 8 Reviews
Tantaly absorber sticks
Tantaly absorber rods have been specially developed for sex dolls. Since the inner tunnels are not flat, a lot of water is left behind when cleaning and bacteria grow faster in a humid environment. To solve this problem, simply insert...
Tantaly 236ml Water Lubricant
Applying lubricant to a sex doll not only increases longevity but also reduces friction. Water-based lubes are the most commonly used lubes, and they're specially formulated to feel completely natural. So make sure you use a water-based lube, which is...
Tantaly Deluxe Sex Doll Care Kit
How to avoid lube spilling all over the place? How to clean the doll more conveniently? What is a better way to dry the doll tunnels? How should I store my dolls when not in use? Don't worry, that's what...
Tantaly Doll Repair Kit 5 Reviews
Tantaly Doll Repair Kit
Does the doll peel off or tear after a period of use? Did the doll accidentally get dirt on its surface that is difficult to remove? Don't worry, that's what the Tantaly Doll Repair Kit is for. The Tantaly doll...
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