Product Development

390 x 775

Product development

Realistic and natural has always been the product philosophy of Tantaly. We are committed to making realistic sex dolls to provide our customers with a realistic sexual experience. We have an attitude of self-acceptance and are firmly against any prejudice about sex. Everyone, regardless of age, has the right to enjoy the pleasures of their natural gifts. Our R&D team has been thinking since breakfast time: How can we make the dolls look more realistic? More realistic to the touch? How can we make the sexual experience more realistic? At the same time, as Torso users, we are obsessed with "ease of use". We don't want to lose interest in a doll that is bulky or difficult to handle when we are high on sex. Therefore, we adhere to and will always follow SHEIS design principles: S - Satisfying (Satisfying); H - human body (Humanbody); E - easy to use (Ease of use); l - interactive (Interactive); S - skin-touch (Skin-touch). We are committed to providing more realistic, easy-to-use, interactive, sexually satisfying torso dolls.

725 x 480

Every idea starts with a problem:

Although the full body doll has the proportions and the feel of a real person, it is bulky, expensive, difficult to store, and requires high maintenance. The masturbator cup, although light and convenient, is a lacking alternative to physical movement, and it cannot give a realistic experience. In order to have a full body doll experience, a sex doll should at least have a big ass that can be spanked and realistic breasts that can be squeezed. It also needs to be as light and convenient as a masturbator cup and easy to store.

Where can you find such a product? In the current market, there are very few choices for customers who want to obtain a doll with these features. There are more inferior poisonous dolls and scam sites than legit products. This makes customers worry about buying dolls. To this end, we hope to solve this problem. That’s why we created Tantaly and dedicated our business to providing high-quality and realistic torso sex dolls with pleasant customer service. We focus on the design and creation of more realistic torso sex dolls, allowing you to get a real sex experience.

  • 2023
    Tantabutt is officially released!
    • A new generation of softer, more comfortable and better shaped soft hips.
    • Has the effect of real female buttocks jiggling.
    Mia is officially released!
    • The first doll to use Tantaly's one-piece soft hip technology.
    • The world's first removable channel bust doll.
    Miki is officially released!
    • Breaks the weight record for Tantaly long-legged dolls and becomes the lightest long-legged doll.
    Morgpie is officially released!
    • The first Tantaly girl.
    • Tantaly collaborated with a porn star for the first time to reproduce Morgpie's true-to-life-scale creations.
    Tantabosom is officially released!
    • Tantaly's unique soft breast technology is 30% softer than the gel breasts on the market.
    • It is used in Britney, Aurora 2.0, Monroe, Candice and Jennifer.
    Candice, Rosie and Aurora were born!
  • 2022
    Aurora 2.0 is officially released!
    • Tantaly upgrades Aurora with labial shape and real skin texture.
    Sarina is officially released!
    • Tantaly's first shemale doll was born.
  • 2021
    Channing is officially released!
    Monroe is officially released!
    • She broke the size record for Tantaly half torso dolls, making her our largest doll torso.
  • 2020
    Eva is officially released!
    • Tantaly's largest ass doll was born.
    Britney is officially released!

    • The doll with the highest overall rating in Tantaly.
    Cecilia is officially released!
    • The 9 kg ass doll with strong stimulation channel was born.
    Jennifer is officially released!
    • Tantaly developed the half-body torso doll with the biggest ass in its lineup.
    Louise is officially released!
    • Tantaly's first ass doll was born.
    Dita and Scarlett are officially released!
    • Tantaly has designed two mini entry-level torso sex dolls .
  • 2019
    Tantaly brand was established!
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