Pillow talk promotes sexual and relationship satisfaction

Are you experiencing unwanted stress between you and your partner? Has your partner seemed noticeably uninvolved lately - both physically and emotionally? Maybe you should schedule a little pillow talk in your relationship. Even if you're pursuing the idea of ​​casual sex with thoughts of eventually taking it to the next level, pillow talk is key to unlocking the richness of intimacy, emotional connection, and lifelong companionship.

Every relationship needs a little nurturing every now and then, especially the love-based bond you share with your partner. Unfortunately, the lack of life and other factors work together against the closeness and intimacy you feel with your partner.

If you're toying with the idea of ​​falling in love and having a spiritually, physically, and emotionally strong relationship, pillow talk will help you strengthen the foundation of the relationship and then watch it grow.

What is pillow talk?

Pillow talk - the two words have a lot of meaning in store. It's the conversation you have with your lover - talking and sharing your intimate, uncensored and emotionally charged thoughts. Pillow talk is extensive and includes cuddling, kissing, and enjoying intimacy with your partner. The core of pillow talk, however, is the intimate conversations with your partner that are sensual, playful, and satisfying.

Expressing your thoughts and fantasies without worrying about your partner's judgment is what encourages pillow talk. The conversation has more depth and less censorship, making pillow talk interesting for lovers.

Why is pillow talk so beneficial for couples?

If you've been experiencing a slowdown in your bedroom activity lately, you need to start pillow talk. Whether you're a long-time married couple, a newly married couple, or just starting out in the most intimate phase of the relationship, pillow talk can help you increase sexual and relationship satisfaction.

Laying in the arms of your loved one makes you feel protected, free and comfortable to share and connect. From wild fantasies to details of foreplay and even what you like and dislike about your sexual encounters, you can share anything and everything in a safe and secure space - the pillow talk.

Additionally, pillow talk helps boost the strength of your relationship. The latest study, published in the National Communication Association's journal Communication Monographs, confirms that pillow talk helps increase relationship satisfaction in men and to raise women.

Is "pillow talk" your thing?

For some people, pillow talk comes naturally, while others need a little nudge to open up in a sensual way. Open and intimate talking makes a relationship strong, but depending on your personality, it can be easy and difficult at the same time.

The best thing about pillow talk is that it can be both verbal and non-verbal communication. If you're good with intimate conversations or conversations without censorship, try that. However, if you're not good with words, you can always take the non-verbal approach. As effective as getting your thoughts across, playful and sensual touches offer equal satisfaction.Non-verbal pillow talk includes rubbing your partner's back, crossing your partner's legs, spooning, touching his or her lips with your fingers, and cuddling until you fall asleep

Who falls asleep first and who initiates the pillow talk after sex?

Men and women have their own take on pillow talk. There is no hard and fast determination of who falls asleep first and who initiates, it can be anyone of the partners who starts the playful and sensual time and anyone can fall asleep. What is certain, however, is that the one who falls asleep last craves pillow talk the most.

There is one study, however, which concludes that men are exhausted after sex and fall asleep first, while women are the ones who cuddling and engaging in other post-sex behaviors - pillow talk.

How to have a pillow talk

Each couple has a different bond and what they do and share in their bedroom is unique to them. However, it is always important and beneficial to take the relationship to the next level and increase the intimacy and closeness in your relationship

If you think pillow talk is the medicine for your relationship but have no idea where to start, give this a try:

  • Engage in light and positive conversations.

You don't want to wallow in your complex problems and discuss finances or professional issues with your partner on the pillow. Instead, when you're close and oxytocin is at its peak, you can engage in light and positive conversations, such as: B. about your romantic encounters in the past, where you will see each other in the next 5 years and how much you love and adore each other.

  • Accept the help of your body

As said before, if you're not good with words, non-verbal communication can prove helpful. Kissing, cuddling, spooning and being playful can go a long way in helping you create a sensual connection.

  • Ensure no distraction

Pillow talk is your special time with your partner. Distractions like TV, cell phones, laptops, and books can ruin the spark you're trying to create. You must dedicate your time, effort, and focus to your partner and no one else.

  • Share your feelings & what you long for

It's very helpful to open up about your feelings with your partner. Also, share what you crave and what makes you feel good. This will help you feel sexually connected and closer to your partner.

Conclusion: Pillow talk is your time to be free with your partner. The uncensored quality of the conversation is what makes it more attractive and effective. You can easily take some time out of your daily routine and spend it with your partner in a sensual, intimate and comfortable way. The more you indulge in verbal and non-verbal pillow talk, the more emotionally and sexually satisfied you will feel in your relationship.

Create an environment that helps nurture your relationship and take steps to the next level. The more you do, the more you win!

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