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Candice: 19,5kg Sexpuppen-Torso in Lebensgröße mit realistische Arsch

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Product Description

Candice, who is a 1: 1 scale reproduction of perfect female figure. So it is easy for you to dress her up in your desired way. Moreover, she has two big tits with nicely-made nipples which means you can definitely enjoy a easy breast pleasure. Significantly, Tunnels of Candice are fulled with textured nodules and ridges on the inner walls, which will increase friction and drives you into a fantasy world soon.

Keeping your sex doll clean and well maintained is key to preserving the longevity of your new love doll. To ensure proper hygiene and longevity of your new doll, please use the following recommendations as a guideline.

Product Cleaning

  • 1. Install the portable sex doll washer.
  • 2. Insert the tip with sprinkling holes into the tunnel.
  • 3. Squeeze the bulb to let the warm water into the tunnel.
  • 4. Shaking or squeezing out the water inside the doll.
  • 5. Gently insert the drying stick with the rounded end.
  • 6. Use a Soft Cloth to gently pat down the doll's skin.

Product Maintenance

  1. 1. Avoid using any old cleaning agent.
  2. 2. Keep away from sharp objects.
  3. 3. Dry with care.
  4. 4. Keep in a cool dark place.
  5. 5. Stay in a straight lying position.
  6. 6.Apply some renewal powder on the skin.

Featured Influencer Pictures

In order to enhance the popularity and influence of our products, we invited many celebrities to take exquisite sexy pictures for us. These beautiful pictures will give you a beautiful visual experience, but also give you some inspiration to dress up your sexy dolls.

Customer Reviews
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Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Der Metallrahmen schützt die Materialien und verhindert, dass sie fallen.Es gibt viele strukturierte Knötchen und Formen, die Reibung und Komfort in den Innenwänden hinzufügen.Wenn du sie fickst, ist das Ende eine Jungfrauen-Absaugung.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
Very beautiful

First of all, she was in great shape, and indeed, as they say, a life-size doll. Her ***** is also very beautiful.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
a wise choice

Amazing feel, great customer service, arrived and cleaned immediately. It is definitely tight enough and She's soft in the right places and stiff in others.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China

Great product. Very lifelike, and feels fantastic. Good weight, and internal structure supports very well in all positions. It feels nice when I touch it, I'm seriously excited.

Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
pleasure knows no bounds

4 stars for size and outer asthetics. 5 for realistic feel and sensation. it feels amazing. the waist is sexy, the hips are desirable, the porky nipples are cute. I went for hours feels so good!Didnt really want to stop.

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