How to Discuss Sex Toys with Friends

Sex is an important part of our lives and our love relationships. Talking about it with your friends is very important. Several people's sex lives involve the use of sex toys. But people aren't ready to talk about their sex toy use. They feel uncomfortable when the conversation turns to sex toys and their uses. Even if they are very close friends, people are reluctant to speak freely about this topic. Friends are the closest people in our lives. We can freely share anything with them. You can give us good advice according to our interests.

The sex toy industry is worth fifteen billion dollars a year. Their use is completely normal and healthy. They are a common item and their demand is increasing day by day. So it is quite normal to talk about sex toys with your friends. It can be an interesting topic and you can enjoy different opinions based on different experiences of your friends. If you discuss the use of sex toys and share your experiences with each other, you will all learn and benefit from this discussion. So try to start the discussion and engage with it to get more knowledge.

So how do you approach the topic of sex toys when it comes up in a discussion with friends? Here are some tips:

Get your comfort levels

Discussing or talking about sex toys, even with their close friends, can be difficult. It also depends on whether they use sex toys and how they deal with the subject. Even if you feel comfortable doing it, your friend might not. Because of this, understanding how someone feels comfortable opening up and talking about their beliefs and experiences helps. It is important to respect the well-being of others. We should discuss it in a way that all our friends can easily talk about it. When they feel comfortable, they can share their experiences more freely, e.g. B. what they like or what they don't like. To keep the conversation in an open mode, you should hear everyone's opinion on their use with an open mind.

Plus, everyone will be talking about sex toys in their comfort zone. Some will be very open about sex toys, while others will be shy. But it is necessary to respect everyone. There is no need to make fun of them or embarrass them. In both situations, people should remain respectful of others whether or not they use sex toys.

Meet them where they are

Sometimes people find it difficult to be open with friends about sex toys and how or why they use them. So it's best if you understand what's considered okay to talk about. Some are even ashamed of the subject itself and refuse to talk about it. You have to understand them and not force them to take part in the discussion. If you're starting a discussion about a sensitive topic like sex toys or sexual activity, then one perfect thing you can do for your friends is to pick them up where they are.

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where one of your friends is open about sexual activity and the use of sex toys, while another friend is reluctant to discuss these things openly in this way. If you're stuck in this situation, you need to take on the role of facilitator and keep the conversation in the middle to respect both friends.Also, you should respect what others find ok or not. We have to learn some rules and hope we can bring everyone together and make everyone happy. It is our moral duty to respect people's opinions about their likes and dislikes about a given subject.

Avoid being judgmental

Your friend has his or her own experience. Maybe your boyfriend is just a beginner or uses sex toys for a specific purpose. Sometimes it's important to hear each other's stories. Chances are you have your own opinion on the subject, but sometimes just listen to the opinions of others. Let them talk about the topic in their own way. If you listen to someone's story and don't judge, you will encourage them to tell more. You have to sit idly by and let them share their thoughts and experiences about anything.

A good friend must not be judgmental of his friends. A friend can listen to each other's experiences without making rude comments and judgments. Also, try to avoid phrases and words that give the impression that you are criticizing and judging them. Don't use words like "do this" or "you should," these words sound forced and dominating. You are their friend, so you should respect them for who they are. Always keep in mind that you may like a product, but your friend may not have had a good experience with it. So be tolerant of his or her opinion and if possible, give him or her some good company like Tantaly or zlovedoll so that he or she can buy quality sex toys.

Be honest about your experiences

If you open up freely with an honest experience, a friend will also open up freely, and you can receive meaningful guidance. It's a fact that when you explain your experiences with honesty, people will open up to you more and describe their experiences. In addition, everyone has their preferences and comfort level. Maybe a sex toy that's perfect for you might not be so great for your boyfriend. Talking to your friends is a chance to exchange ideas about different sex toys and their brands. You can share your experiences with the sex toys from different companies and tell them to buy popular products from them. You can also expand your knowledge on this topic and find out about other products and their effects. You can all learn from each other. Chances are someone is looking for the sex toy that you find useless. In addition, you can steer someone in the right direction after sharing your true opinion and your own experience with this sex toy. Undoubtedly, it helps to tell your friends how you use a particular sex toy and the results you get from it. Indeed, this discussion will help all people.

Support your friends in their decisions

If you support your friends in their decisions, they will feel confident. As a friend, you must support your friends and help them become happier and more content with their love life. If your friend is reluctant and embarrassed to share their experience, you need to support them. You should encourage your friend to be open about their needs and experiences.Also, it's good to experiment, but only to the safe end. In fact, it's very important that you support your boyfriend in making the perfect choices in his life, including sex toys and sexual activity.

When a person needs help, a friend must be there to help or support them in order to be happy. Similarly, sex life is also an important part of our lives. If we are not happy and content with our sex life, we will not do well in our other life activities.


You may feel uncomfortable about the topic of sex and sex toys, but it can give you more information and it's also a good way to bring you and your boyfriend closer. The most important thing is that you offer support and help to your friends. Also, if you talk and discuss sex and sex toys openly, your friends will be motivated to talk about it, too. Your confidence will increase to share your problems and questions related to sex toys.

Whenever you start a discussion about sex toys, you should also talk about their quality and safety. As a friend, it is your moral duty to share hygiene and safety tips with your friends. Always bring the topic of sex toy material into the discussion. Encourage your friends to read the material notice on the sex toy package before buying it. You should avoid using porous and cheap sex toys. Always buy branded sex toys from good companies, such as Tantaly, etc. This way you will help your friends to have an emotionally satisfying life.

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