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Aurora: 24kg Realistische lebensecht Sexpuppe in voller Größe mit großen Brüsten

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€568,99 €512,99
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Product Description

Unsere erste lebensgroße Puppe, Aurora, hat eine perfekte weibliche Figur und bemerkenswerte Körperkurven. Gepaart mit dem hochwertigen Metallskelett-Design kann sie an jede Position angepasst werden, nach der Sie sich sehnen. Nachdem Sie sie in die Kleidung gekleidet haben, die Sie mögen, wird sie so attraktiv, dass Sie das Gefühl haben, eine perfekte Zeit mit einer echten Frau zu haben.

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Tinius S.
Germany Germany
Highly recommend

She feels very real, and she is great to cuddle with

Christian C.
Germany Germany
Wow-very fine

Autora is wonderful- she looks very fine, like a real woman. I‘ve so much fun with her. Thanks for this wonderful produkt, sorry- woman ☺️

United States United States
Very Realistic!

Think i'll give it 5 stars, just because I got it for a great price and didn't have to shell out 1+ or 2 grand for a complete doll.) It feels pretty real with no major complaints. (This is my first doll. I have had it for probably 2 months now.) When the doll is just right: right temperature and powdered well but still having some moisture, this thing feels almost like real skin and moves/jiggles almost like real flesh. I'd say it's over 90% realistic. Of course, the ******* and *** is a bit too firm to be 100% realistic - kinda feels like a girl who is really, really fit, with very little fat on the *** and *******. Nice to smack! Yes, it jiggles real nice. And when it's laying on the stomach and you give the hips a nudge, that *** moves very realistically. The weight is nice, and enough to push back with a bit of a wave in the TPE, that it feels very realistic. The nipples feel incredible. The chest. The stomach. Even has a slight ab effect that looks real. The spine channel down the back looks and feels incredible. The dimples above the *** - dimples of Venus. The crotch, the inner thighs, all soft from the corn starch powder. All so very nice. The holes feel great, and there's a huge difference when you have the simulation of the rest of the girl around you, the pelvis, the thighs, the legs, the ***, wrapping around you, putting pressure on you, makes the "simulation" all the more realistic, especially compared to the usual "hand-held toy(s)". Whether missionary, or her on top - even doggystyle can be worked out in different ways - pillows or proper positioning. ****** and *** feel great. It's great to have *** with, or just for cuddling. It's great for just enjoying and admiring the female form. Get it. :)

tantaly-de Aurora: 24kg Realistische lebensecht Sexpuppe in voller Größe mit großen Brüsten Reviewtantaly-de Aurora: 24kg Realistische lebensecht Sexpuppe in voller Größe mit großen Brüsten Review
United States United States
A must-have!!

If you're looking to by a doll, you are gonna need these. Seriously, these do the job and do it well.

Michael S.
United States United States

It was an awesome experience using product. My first doll and don't regret buying.

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